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You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. Albert Einstein said that, and it remains true, although a rarely heeded fact. In this bewildering period of chronological time, facts are our friend, but facts are also under attack and have seemingly lost their popularity. Unfortunate as this is, those troubled by vague untruths and outright lies, must hold fast and find new ways of re-establishing a moral order that includes honoring facts — -even when they are unpleasant. This means coming out of ego-driven politics.

Donald Trump was elected because a bunch of people were sick of establishment politics. It’s a logical conclusion to the scourge of elected representatives who care more about status, money and power than the people they represent. The refrain of “drain the swamp” makes sense if taken purely in context. Of course people are fed-up! We’ve had years of struggling to make a living, to have adequate healthcare and child care and opportunities for education. We’ve watched our elected officials and candidates throw fundraising events that we could only attend if we were working with the catering crew! (I’ve actually done this to attend an event.) We’ve noticed that our representatives in Congress and the federal government have access to the best healthcare in the country, while we struggle to pay the exchanges, and then, even after living paycheck to paycheck, have to pay the IRS back at the end of the year because we apparently didn’t pay enough for our already too expensive healthcare that we could barely afford each month!

I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, and proud of it. I grew up in the Midwest around farmers, and factory workers and union halls. I was raised on an American Dream that never took root in my life. Born in the 60’s, a child of the 70’s, coming of age in the time of Reagan; we’ve been a forgotten generation post baby boom. Many of my generation — especially those who are white, and of lower socio-economic status and lesser education, became highly conservative, religiously and politically. Unfortunately, the MSM and Those Who Define Things For Us, continue to misunderstand this demographic, lump them in with baby boomers or just ignore them. Doing so has been to all of our peril, as this is the group that elected Trump. Odd as it is that the disenfranchised would find voice in one of the most spoiled and privileged of the elite class, this is what happens when one is not heard for a very long time and then a con man shows up saying all the right things. Any woman who hasn’t dated in a while can tell you that.

Let’s face it, the Democrats we’ve elected have not really helped the working class. Obama was a giant disappointment. During his time, I worked 4 jobs in California and still struggled to pay the rent in the Bay Area. I have a Master’s Degree. I have a good work history. But I’ve struggled as a single mom and felt financially insecure most of my life. When I wrote a heartfelt letter to Obama about the problems with healthcare — — I received in return a superficial reply that clearly indicated the letter was not read by anyone. It pissed me off and I decided not to like him anymore.

The current Democratic line-up leaves me cold. Seriously, NONE of those people understand the American public that elected Donald Trump, nor do they understand the moderates lying silent and in between. They hear the Resistance, of which I applaud, but they don’t get the nuance. I’m not donating to them. I’m not going to support them. They are more of the same problem. They are part of the mind that created the problem in the first place. Hillary was a big part of the problem too, and she never owned it.

Silly as it may sound, Oprah is the only one who can beat Donald Trump. Why, you ask? Here are the reasons:

1. American culture is in love with celebrity. Sad, but true. Oprah’s celebrity is genuine, kind, generous and authentic. She is the high priestess of authenticity. We desperately need that. Trump has appealed to people because of his use of his celebrity to draw folks in.

2. She is already super rich, but she understands what it is to be poor and to struggle. She demonstrates heart — compassion, empathy, honesty — — seriously missing these days. In heart, is her strength, and her ability to affect numerous other hearts and minds. It’s time we made kindness and civility popular again. She also doesn’t need prestige or power gained from a presidential gig.

3. Oh, and it’s time we made facts popular again. As said previously, the Democratic political elites haven’t exactly listened or understood their base — — that’s why their base has shifted away from the working class. Oprah has years of listening to people of all backgrounds and cultural groups. She knows how to listen authentically.

4. She can, and would engage both women and men — but she is the only one poised to engage women, both Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal, and moderates in between. She understands the power of dialog. She would value bipartisanship.

5. She is smart. She is smarter in business than Donald Trump. She is a diplomat. Trump, clearly, is not.

6. She knows her own power. She is confident and inspires confidence in others. She doesn’t need the Presidency to further her own celebrity or pocketbook.

7. It’s time for the darkness to be lifted. Optimism, with a dose of reality. Hope, with a knowledge that we have much to overcome. Civility and manners, calling bullshit on those who eschew high ideals as “political correctness”. Oprah is someone who could do this and more with grace; overcoming the orange-white, privileged man who inspires hate and dissension among us.

She’s the only one, in my opinion, with the skillset and ability to win this important race. I’m really hoping that she gets that message. We need her. The world needs her.

As Shug sang out in The Color Purple, “ …Maybe God is trying to tell (her) something!”

servant of social good; practical mystic; working to make kindness and good manners popular again.

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