To the 51: Sadly, I’m Not Surprised

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I’ve been on the edge of my seat for days, poorly hiding my irritability and impatience. I’ve listened to as much of the impeachment trial as I possibly could and still go to work and sleep. I listened to podcasts that covered just the facts without commentary. I’ve paid attention to the news to see what others are saying, depending upon my NY Times and Washington Post apps to keep me up to the minute informed. I take this seriously and have made myself knowledgable. I’m a detail-oriented citizen. I use my critical thinking skills.

The first few days were depressing and energizing at the same time. The case was made clearly and presented effectively. But I feared, and it has been proven true, that the evidence presented fell on ears that could not hear.

The next few days were like a surreal side show with a mish-mash of hard to follow and inconsistent information. I felt more depressed, but this time with no surge of hope or energy. I’d paid attention to the Mueller Report and the investigations that preceded the Senate trial in the House, so this was plain weird.

If anyone is paying attention, then they know things aren’t adding up.

I think you 51 are counting on our collective ignorance.

Twisting like a sheet in the wind

It was difficult to listen to your questions. It became immediately apparent that you hadn’t been listening to the House managers. You’d obviously already made up your mind to do whatever was needed to squash the whole thing and minimize the damage to the tweeting fool that you protect. One didn’t need a fortune teller to see this coming.

More important to turn yourself into a pretzel in order to ignore common sense and the facts, you twisted and turned tidbits of various information into new weapons aimlessly pointed in all directions. No wonder it was so easy to get confused! Confusion, I now believe, is the point. Confusion is your primary goal.

I have an ex like you

Do you think we don’t listen or read? Perhaps many are too busy to pay attention. Regardless, you insult our intelligence.

Like a cheating partner, you suggest what is in front of our eyes is not in front of our eyes. You expect our allegiance to half truths and downright lies. When caught, you blame others, divert our attention, or distract us is some way. You look us in the eye behind the lens of a television camera and practice method acting.

You tell us we did not see, did not hear, do not know what we know. You tell us to betray our rational minds for your sake.

Some drink the delicious kool-aid before they realize it is poison. Some think the heroin high is endless until they overdose.

Empathy with the morning coffee

When you wake before the morning light, brush your teeth and get dressed for the day, you are just like the majority of us. I have compassion for your your fear. I understand what is it to be overcome by doubt and the struggle to keep your job. But you are inherently in a different role than the rest of us. There are only 100 people in the country entrusted with your awesome responsibility. Your job is to be brave and do the hard thing. Ask the tough questions. Get the witnesses to the table.

Don’t pull bullshit on us! People who are innocent want the facts to come out. People with nothing to hide go under oath without fear. Innocent people know that witnesses with access to details will help them.

Presently, the willingness to know the truth is missing and you, my dears, are complicit. You pretended that it was a timing issue in the beginning. (Why, we never call witnesses until the middle of the trial, whatever are you thinking!) Of course, that was merely a stalling tactic until you could figure out a plan. But when the time came, you backed away again. (Witnesses aren’t necessary at all now, how odd.)

Still, I’m disappointed. You’re not taking your work seriously! You make more money than most of us. We pay your lavish health care, so much better than we can imagine. You could at least do your job with some curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Our current system has the unraveling moral fiber of a tattered sweater with nothing to hold it together. I, for one, want you to be a guiding light that leads us toward accountability regardless of personal cost, not a pit of darkness and snakes.

In these past days you have shown us once again that you do not represent us, nor do you respect us. This was a simple test. Are you willing to take a chance and do right or do you choose to cower in the dark corners cooking up new excuses and stories?

It’s too bad you failed the test.

There are some of us paying attention to the details. There are some of us holding fast to hope and an idea of honor. We can stand with those who demonstrate courage and tenacity.

In the end, I suppose you will have no one to blame but yourself, if indeed, you have a conscience at all.

servant of social good; practical mystic; working to make kindness and good manners popular again.

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